The importance of a professional meeting space


The importance of a professional meeting space

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Amberhawk’s successful training method always needs a professional approach – and that starts with modern, well-equipped meeting rooms. Its administration Manager Helen Hadjipantelis explains why Regus is a perfect fit.


Business meetings are part and parcel of running a successful company, whether you’re the size of PepsiCo or a two-person start-up. One of the major advantages for small and medium-sized companies using Regus’ serviced offices and business centres is the easy access to an extensive choice of professional standard meeting room in thousands of locations around the globe.   One such company that has benefitted from the flexibility of Regus meeting rooms is Amberhawk Training Limited, a UK-based firm that specialises in information law training.

The company, which is run by Dr Chris Pounder and Sue Cullen, formerly of law firm Pinsent Masons LLP, is Britain’s longest established training company dedicated to information law. All of its data protection courses follow the BCS Foundation or Practitioner syllabus, which relates to the Data Protection Act 2018 and the UK’s recent implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

“Amberhawk was established a decade ago and we deliver specialist training of a legal nature for data protection officers and for those responsible for delivering Freedom of Information in the public sector,” explains Helen Hadjipantelis, Amberhawk’s Administration Manager. “We use Regus for hosting our courses and for providing refreshments and facilities for all our delegates. We also have a twice-yearly conference event where around 60 delegates usually attend.”

While Amberhawk uses Regus offices on a regular monthly basis, its meeting rooms are flexible in size and availability and can also be booked on an ad hoc basis. A professional-looking meeting room can be a real boon to a small business. Its polished, corporate appeal purveys a real sense of professionalism that a hotel lobby or a restaurant’s private dining room can’t quite match. Of course, there are numerous benefits to booking an external meeting room for training a team or groups of individuals. Regus’ modern meeting spaces also provide companies and management teams with a quiet, corporate and productive atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of a busy working office.

“Because the subject matter often relates to black letter law, we require a training environment that is quiet, conveniently located, decent in standard and reasonably spacious, as this is vital to the quality of the training experience of our clients,” explains Hadjipantelis. “Another benefit for us is that our costs can be calculated on a per delegate basis and, as Regus has several different room sizes, we don’t have to worry too much about organising a venue or dealing with the variation in course attendance numbers.”

Amberhawk currently hosts its specialist training sessions in Regus offices in London, Leeds and Edinburgh. “Luckily, Regus has offices in all the main areas where we train,” says Hadjipantelis. “We use Regus about once a month for three days except in August. We very rarely get complaints from delegates about the venue and that’s important to the training experience we offer.”

But Regus’ meeting rooms are not only great for corporate training sessions such as Amberhawk’s. Executive assistants and resource managers often book Regus meeting rooms by the hour for interviews or appraisals, or longer for corporate presentations and client pitches. All the rooms can be booked using the Regus app, which makes it quick and easy, while the full service option can include a dedicated meeting room team that can provide your group with catering, a tea and coffee service, as well as other professional touches that can really raise the bar.


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